Financial reports supported the stock trading in USA

US InvestorsBetter-than-expected financial results erased negative sentiment that ruled in the last days the stock markets overseas. So investors forgot his fears of the publication of the transcript of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve. The document will be publicly available tomorrow.
“We have some very good financial performance of retailers. They simply show that consumers are not dead and things are moving in the right direction”, said a senior trader at NorthCoast Asset Management Frank Ingara quoted by Bloomberg.
The S&P 500 overcame four consecutive sessions of decline in value. The index ended trading with an increase of 0.4% to a value of 1 665.42 points. Negative sentiment wiped and Nasdaq. The value of the index reached 3 613.59 points at the end of the day. This represents an increase of 0.7 per cent compared to the closing level on Monday. Albeit with minimal change of 0,05% Dow Jones closed red territory. The index closed the session at 15 002.99 points.
The shares of Best Buy jumped over 10% after the company reported sales that exceed expectations. The profit for the second quarter of the largest retailer of consumer electronics has reached 266 million USD, compared to 12 million USD an year earlier. Company’s securities are traded at a price of just over 34 USD per share.
Among the best performing companies of the S&P 500 today is another company retail – Urban Outfitters. The company added about 10% to its market capitalization and ended the day with a price of about 44 USD per share.
Even data loss, but more limited than expected, bring growth shares of JC Penney by 7 per cent to the price of just over 14 USD per share. The company’s sales decreased at a slower pace than expected and this has brought to the sharp increase in shares from early May onwards.

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