Google became the most expensive brand in the world

Google brandThe U.S. company Google has become the most expensive brands this year, while Coca-Cola dropped from the rankings of the top ten for the first time since the survey is conducted of Brand Finance. It presented 500 brands with the highest value in the world. The Google’s brand value is estimated at 44.3 billion dollars in this year’s rankings. This puts it in the first place, as close to it is Microsoft with a value of 42.8 billion dollars. In the previous edition of the chart based on Bill Gates’ company was in fifth position. “From a global perspective five of the top ten brands are progressing rapidly and related technology sectors. This again underlines the importance of technological innovation in the promotion and creation of brands with great value, “said Executive Director of Brand Finance, David Haig. Last year, first in the ranking was chain retail Wal-Mart, in the new edition of the ranking brand is the third position with a value of 36.2 billion dollars. The top ten companies in the ranking of Brand Finance are occupied by American companies. In the top five fall IBM and Vodafone, as the value of both brands is set to respectively 36.15 and 30.67 billion dollars.
The sixth position is Bank of America (30,61 billion dollars) and seventh position is occupied by General Electric with 30.5 billion dollars. Top ten is completed by Apple (29,54 billion dollars), Wells Fargo (28,94 billion dollars) and AT & T to 28.88 billion dollars.

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