Russian Central Bank enhances the protection of banknotes from 1000 rubles

Russian MoneyThe Central Bank of Russia will modify and enhance the protection of banknotes of 1000 rubles (around $ 35) without changing their design, has advised Vice-President of the Central Bank, quoted by Prime-Tass. To protect the notes will be added as visual and machine-readable symbols. The goal is to be extremely difficult to counterfeit banknotes. It is envisaged that the banknotes of 1000 rubles enhanced protection to be put into circulation in the second half of 2010, as the previous modification will be withdrawn from circulation. New protective symbols to be embedded in the banknotes of 1000 rubles, will later be included in the enhancement of the protection of banknotes with face values other in which there will be some increased costs of manufacturing them. At present it is considered that the Russian ruble is one of the best protected against counterfeiting banknotes in the world, second only to the Swiss franc.
This action was against the prescriptions from the World Bank, but the Russian Financial Minister promises that the results will be positive.

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