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Growth in MasterCard payments

MastercardThe second largest company in the world for card payments MasterCard reported higher than expected earnings in the second quarter, thanks to growth in the volume of payments. The net income increased by 10% to 931 million USD (80 cents per share) between April and June, compared to 848 million USD (70 cents per share) a year earlier. The net income grew by 13.4% to 2.38 billion USD.
The average estimate of analysts was for earnings per share of 77 cents and revenue of 2.31 ​​billion USD. The volume of payments made ​​with cards MasterCard, swelled by 12.5% to 821 billion dollars, calculated in local currency due to gains in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The volume of payments in the United States increased by 10.1% to 289 billion USD.
The price of the shares of MasterCard rose by 2.3% since published financial results in May, trailing the index S&P 500, which added 4.6% to its value over the same period.

MasterCard and Visa with 75% market stake in USA

Easy CreditVisa Inc and MasterCard Inc have more than 75% stake from the US credit cards market. The companies announced about the agreement with the Justice Department in Washington for the liberalization policy of the companies that will give merchants more flexibility to encourage consumers to use cheaper options of credit cards. The companies are among the strongest creditors and people can get hundreds of cheap offers from the credit cards comparison website or the official websites of the companies. It is hard to compare the two biggest credit cards institutions, but their offers are covering almost all of the requests of the users. Even in years of financial crisis, more and more people resort to using credit cards – whether because of their low income or simply lack of desire for thrift, but in any case profits of both companies swiftly go up. Many sources in internet are giving you the opportunity to compare airmiles credit cards or other offers for credits, so in the years of financial crisis, it is good to find the cheapest and best offer for you and your family, choosing the best credit card. In the last months there are many offers for 0 balance transfer credit card offers so you can change your credit cards in any time and find the best company to credit your daily expenses. The companies Visa and MasterCard are making serious step with their new plans, trying to increase their market stake after the economy recovery. This is strong and important step for their financial stability and also decreases the price for this service.