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US markets finished latest session on green

US Stock ExchangeThe U.S. markets ended the session on Wednesday the green after three consecutive sessions, which was reported a decline, led by companies in the energy sector. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.31 percent, adding 38.45 points to 12,394 points to its value. Standard & Poor’s 500 also grew – by 4.19 points, or 0.3%, to 1320, 47, while the Nasdaq Composite Add to myself 0.55 percent or 15.22 points to 2761.38.
“Our analysis continues to show that S & P prepares for the summer adjustment. Has stayed at 1312, which prepares the ground for extension of decline, “said Richard Ross, an analyst with Auerbach Grayson & Co. Exchange rally in commodity markets gave wings of the shares of energy companies. The biggest world producer of construction equipment Caterpillar, a provider of mining, lead Dow Jones up with a plus of 1.3 percent. Thanks to higher oil prices investors assessed higher and shares of energy companies. Shares of Chevron rose 1 percent, while those of Exxon Mobil – by 1,1%. The con truction companies were also among the winners after the builder of luxury homes Toll Brothers said strong demand. Its shares rose by 2.2 percent.
The largest manufacturer of equipment for microchips Applied Materials managed to erase early losses from stock trading and ended the session with a slight plus of 0.4 percent. The company actually increased revenue and profits last quarter, but now began to feel the effects of the earthquake in Japan. For the current third quarter, according to preliminary data the Group will report declining revenues by between 3 and 10% from the previous three months. The reason is that many chip makers to freeze expansion of its production because of the earthquake in Japan.

US indexes slightly increased

Increases USThe trading session began with the U.S. leading index increases when the gold price has set a new record, and silver reached its peak yet another achievement for the past 31 years. The appreciation of the precious metals mining shares supported the companies after the session ended yesterday with minor changes to the indexes. An hour and a half after the start of trading today Dow Jones IA increased by 0.4 percent to 12,444 points. The broader index S & P 500 added 0.3 percent to 1336 points while the Nasdaq exchange of leading Nasdaq Composite index advanced by 0.5 percent to 2805 points. the fears of increasing inflation worldwide and devaluation of currencies have been exacerbated in recent days, which increased demand for precious metals. The Chinese central bank raised for the fourth time in seven months their interest rates yesterday in response to inflation and financial markets expect that tomorrow the European Central Bank will resort to an increase in interest rates. The shares of the U.S. giant in the production of Monsanto agricultural products decreased by 4.8 percent to 70.04 dollars after its financial results for the quarter proved weaker than market expectations.

US indexes stayed on red

Money USAThe first trading session of the week brought a minimal decline in major indexes in the U.S.. This happened after a very active session, which passed under pressure from bearish sentiment from beginning to end. At the end of the day, however, the indexes managed to catch most of the lost early in the session. The reason for today’s negative sentiment, which brought the banking sector in negative territory, gave renewed concerns about the banking system in Ireland. The weighted price index Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the session with a fall of 0.2 per cent to 11,178 points, while in the middle of trade index moved to a fall of 1.15 percent. The broader index S & P 500 gave up so well with 1197 points. Only the three leading stock indexes in the U.S., Nasdaq ended with today’s trade growth. It rose 0.6 percent to 2532 points. The index managed to catch retreat of more than 1 per cent, accumulated by the middle of trade. Cautious optimism keeps indices in positive territory to end volatile session Friday, as they remained almost unchanged on a weekly basis. Volatility has been nourished by the decision of the Chinese central bank to increase reserves to commercial banks for the fifth time this year, and the uncertainty about the banking sector in Ireland and the country’s ability to cope with its large budget deficit. The trade may be more volatile this week due to Thanksgiving on Thursday when U.S. financial markets will be closed, and because of the shortened trading session on Friday.

Fourth serial increase of US indexes

US IndexesThe Monday session on US markets continued the positive tone that was observed previously in Europe and Asia. The first day of the new week was the fourth consecutive rise in the market. After the good economic news from China and the decision of the weekend to determine the period of eight years for banks to meet new capital requirements and the three major stock indicators in the U.S. I found myself in positive territory for 2010. On Sunday, the world’s banking regulators signed an agreement which governs the capital adequacy requirements, proved to be less severe than anticipated. Data from China do show a higher than projected growth of industrial production and retail sales in August. Dow Jones Industrial Average ended trading with a growth of 0.78 percent to 10,544 points, the broad S & P 500 rose 1.1 percent to 1121 points, and Nasdaq Composite rose 1.9 percent to 2285 points. For the optimistic attitudes of investors and help the ongoing wave of mergers and acquisitions, which increased by the announcement of another deal in the U.S.. This is for the purchase of the technology giant HP the manufacturer of security software ArcSight for 1,5 billion dollars – news, shares of which increase the transaction site with over 25%.

US indexes with terrible monthly report

Money USAThe Lapsed in August was too weak for U.S. stock indexes retreated with between 4 and 6 per cent. So this August, has become the most negative since 2001. He is also the first August in which the exchange does not take growth for the past five years. Session last month was filled with twists, the indexes several times changed its direction. Ultimately, Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.05 percent to 10,015 points, while during the session was sunk to below 10,000 points. For the whole month, Dow Jones fell 4.3 per cent. Index of companies from Nasdaq Stock Exchange lost 0.3 percent to 2,114 points today, the S & P 500 rose 0.04 percent to 1049 points. Both the index in August fell by 6.2 and 4.3 per cent. Today abrupt change and bring significant negative sentiment report from the last Federal Reserve meeting. The reason for negative attitudes given the news that the American economy must “invest significantly” to be contemplated new aid from the Federal Reserve reported Wednesday. The heads of the central bank would consider measures for additional incentives if the economic prospects deteriorate significantly, “said a transcript of the meeting of the Fed held on August 10.

US indexes started the month with increase

Bank berlesenThe U.S. indexes started the first session of the new week with a convincing increase after strong corporate accounts and good economic news prompted investors to continue buying shares. So positive in July, which proved most successful month for Wall Street than a year ago, is brought up in August. Strong quarterly results from major European banks BNP Paribas SA and HSBC Plc gave impetus to U.S. banks. Shares of Citigroup Inc and JPMorgan Chase & Co rose by 2.2 percent to 4.19 dollars and 3.4 percent to 41.64 dollars. The market received additional support from basic data in the U.S.. ISM index in the production value of 55.5 reported in July, which was slightly above the 54.3 expected, and remained for the 12th consecutive month above key level of 50 points, which separates growth from decline in the sector. Individual construction costs for June recorded a surprise increase of 0.1 percent in the estimated drop of 0.4 percent. In the session with high volumes of trade three main index closed in green. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2 percent to a level of 10 674.38 points, S & P500 added 2.2% to 1125.86 points and the Nasdaq Composite rose 1.8 percent to 2295.36 points.

US stock indexes turned sharply to positive result

IncreaseThe U.S. stock indexes sharply changed the direction of movement and despite serious losses at the beginning of the session went green. With a major contribution to this was Goldman Sachs, which until it was the main factor causing the sale. Today’s session ended with a growth of 0.75 percent for the index of blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average, which reached 10,230 points. This is a significant upward to the fact that in early trade index slumped to 10,007 points. Objectives included 20 of the 30 companies in the index rose today. The broader S & P index added 1.14 500 percent to 1083 points and the index of companies by the exchange Nasdaq – Nasdaq Composite, rose 1.1 percent to 2222 points. Impulse that trigger positive sentiment was given by Goldman Sachs, which publishes an improved outlook for investment banking business in the sector. It includes good expectations of mergers and acquisitions, leading to positive News. Before this report, notably disappointing report of Goldman Sachs, which was saved from fall in profit 80 percent, was among the causes of stock decline. Shares of IBM fell 2.54 percent with the New York Stock Exchange after profit technology company beat second quarter estimates, but sales disappoint.

US indexes gone high

IncreaseFinancial companies have brought light to the state index increases at the beginning of today’s session, despite renewed concerns among investors about the fiscal crisis in Greece, says CNN. Country’s credit rating was lowered by the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s yesterday to a level of “junk”, causing sales of stock exchanges in Europe and Asia. The interest rate on ten-year Greek government bonds jumped to 11.24 percent earlier today, which is a record level of creation of the euro area in 1998. Later today, interest is expected decision of the Federal Reserve and the central bank’s assessment of the state of U.S. economy, which would suggest that investors may soon be expected to increase the base rate in the country. Dow Jones IA, which brings together 30 most liquid and large companies on U.S. stock exchanges rose by 0.3% to 11 022.82 points and a half hours after the start of trading. Yesterday’s session brought him a record for the past nine months decreased by 1.9% or 213 points. The broader index S & P 500 remain in positive territory throughout the session with an increase of 0.4% to 1 188.51 points mainly because of financial companies. The index of companies by the exchange Nasdaq – Nasdaq Composite, while remaining unchanged at 2 470.11 points, having lost nearly 0.3 percent less in advance.

Unemployment data gave a positive impuls to the U.S. exchanges

UnemploymentThis week last trading session on Wall Street began with increases for the three main index, after the labor market in the largest world economy showed signs of stabilization in February. Unemployment in the country remains at a level of 9.7 percent for the second consecutive month, while the number of persons engaged in non-agricultural sectors of the economy, fell less than expected by 36 thousand. Government data on employment in non-agricultural sectors are among the most important landmarks of the state of U.S. economy. They show what is the number of workers participating in the creation of gross domestic product (GDP) by sector. This in turn is a source of information for future consumption, and consumer spending are a source of two thirds of GDP. The index of 30 major and most active shares traded on U.S. stock markets – Dow Jones IA – rose by 0.8 percent to 10 529 points an hour after the start of trading. The broad S & P 500 advanced 1% to 1 134 points, led by financial and energy companies. Index Nasdaq Composite, which combines all the companies traded on NASDAQ, rising by 1.1% to 2 318 points.

Unemployment in the United States remained 10%

UnemploymentUnemployment in the United States in December retains a level of 10.0 percent in expectations to rise to 10.1 percent after 10.0 percent in November. Industrial employment in the U.S. for December will be decreased by 27 thousand persons with expectations for a drop of 35 thousand persons. After a decrease of 41 thousand persons. for November. Non-agricultural employment in the U.S. for December will be decreased by 85 thousand persons with expectations of no change after rising by 4 thousand in November. These data disappoint investors who expect the number of redundant is far less. Throughout 2009 were reduced 4.2 million jobs since the beginning of a recession two years ago the total number of unemployed people is 7.3 million. Of 271 business sectors, 40 percent have sought workers for November as this rate was 42.4%. Earlier today it was announced that unemployment in the eurozone rose to the highest level since August 1998.