The gold price kept over 1500 USD per ounce

GoldThe price of gold set a new record today, quotations remained more sustained than 1500 dollars per ounce. The reason for this was a significant retreat of the dollar, which drew investors to demand higher security. Platform Globex electronic trading today gold for June delivery is moving up from 0.65 percent to 505.80 dollars an ounce, a new record in the history of trade in precious metals. The foreign exchange market the euro is progressing strongly, the rise of 1.4 per cent to $ 1,4522 EUR / USD. The single currency has advanced greatly, regardless of the problems that have troubled countries in the periphery of the eurozone. The US Dollar Index does move with a decline of 0.9 percent to 74.37 points. The appetite growing for gold in recent days because of reduced prospects for the credit rating of U.S. debt problem and crisis in Europe and the overall desire of investors to risk aversion. In today’s trading silver reached a new 31-year high, while moving with a growth of 1.5 percent to 44.56 dollars per ounce. Copper rising by 1.7 per cent, while platinum and palladium prices increased by 1.3 and 3.25 per cent.

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