Unemployment data gave a positive impuls to the U.S. exchanges

UnemploymentThis week last trading session on Wall Street began with increases for the three main index, after the labor market in the largest world economy showed signs of stabilization in February. Unemployment in the country remains at a level of 9.7 percent for the second consecutive month, while the number of persons engaged in non-agricultural sectors of the economy, fell less than expected by 36 thousand. Government data on employment in non-agricultural sectors are among the most important landmarks of the state of U.S. economy. They show what is the number of workers participating in the creation of gross domestic product (GDP) by sector. This in turn is a source of information for future consumption, and consumer spending are a source of two thirds of GDP. The index of 30 major and most active shares traded on U.S. stock markets – Dow Jones IA – rose by 0.8 percent to 10 529 points an hour after the start of trading. The broad S & P 500 advanced 1% to 1 134 points, led by financial and energy companies. Index Nasdaq Composite, which combines all the companies traded on NASDAQ, rising by 1.1% to 2 318 points.
Yesterday brought increased trade to the three main indexes, although like all the sessions this week, and it was marked by great volatility. On Thursday, the House of Representatives in the Senate decide to make changes in the bill proposed by the administration of Barack Obama, which provides for a value of 15 billion dollars for the creation of new jobs sent CNN. Shares of the largest American insurance company AIG risen by 2.5 percent to 27.38 dollars on the New York Stock Exchange after the news that AIG plans to sell the remaining 14% of the capital of reinsurance company Transatlantic Holdings. This is the next sale of assets by AIG, which is trying to raise funds with which to pay the government obtained at the end of 2008 a loan of 85 billion dollars.

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