Wall Street shares decreased in the early trade

Wall Street indexesThe shares of the major U.S. stock indexes fell hard today at the opening session to resume because of fears that European debt crisis will grow, officials said. Dow Jones loses 0.9 percent to 10,893 points while the NASDAQ is getting worse by 0.64% to 2452 points. Broad-based S & P 500 declined by 0.82 percent to 1144 points. The dealers fear that Greece may declare insolvency and European politicians are divided over how to deal with crisis after German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the country will receive the next tranche of financial assistance until they fulfill their commitments to budgetary savings. The attention of investors shares fell McGraw-Hill Cos., Owner of the agency Standard & Poor’s. The company announced a package of measures to increase its value and will be divided into two separate, market quoted companies. So businesses, focusing on financial markets will be covered by McGraw-Hill Market, and the handlebars of this company will take Terry McGraw. The company currently operates in around 150 countries. As part of McGraw-Hill Education activities will remain a concern in education. In the current fiscal year is expected McGraw-Hill Education has turnover of around $ 2.4 billion. The shares of McGraw-Hill Cos. rose 2.4%.
According to the media reports Amazon.com Inc is negotiating with booksellers to place a library of electronic books available through subscription. Users wishing to use the online library will have to pay the company a monthly or annual fee. Then they will have access to all available electronic books in it during the pre-paid period. Library is planned to become part of the service paid for Amazon Prime, which is now at 79 dollars a year for its subscribers can use their own videos in the Amazon. The shares rose 0.4%. Coca-Cola Enterprises raised its program to buy back shares. Board of Directors authorized the Group to purchase its own shares worth up to 1 billion USD. From before the program, again 1 billion USD are still left 250 million USD. The shares fell 0.9%.

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  1. Petar McSmith says:

    Wall Street is in poor position. They are pressed by the government and the terrible financial policy, which FED and Obama are making.

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